Toy Storage Space For Your Kids’ Play

Organizing toys at home is an endless task. From toys in your child’s room to toy sheds and toy garages, everything has a rightful place, but at times it is disorganized and messy. For those who do not have enough space at home, there are toy storage chest available in many toy stores and on the internet, too. To inspire your child s room and keep the room neat, we have compiled the best toy storage tips to spark your search and start your child s room off right. Here they are:


toy storage chests: toy storage chests are usually horizontal in shape. These boxes can be used to place all sorts of toy boxes like building blocks and cars that are in use as well as toys that are for future use. There are different types of these toy boxes, one being big and the other smaller in sizes so as to fit all your small to medium sized toys into. You can also add some extra space by screwing the doors closed or using wall hooks.


Stuffed animals: Another great way to use the extra floor space in your room is to add stuffed animals to it. The best toy storage concept is to have stuffed animals on shelves that are parallel to each other, one at the top and one at the bottom. This will give your child ample room to put her hands on her favorite stuffed animals, while having enough space to reach from the floor to the top of the toy storage chest. This will save you both floor space and hand-eye coordination when your child plays with her toys.


Reading nooks: If you do not have much floor space storage boxes, you can put bookshelves at strategic locations around the house. Bookcases can be used as toy storage when they are stacked on top of one another vertically. You can also use it as a bookcase when it is side by side with a corner and wall nook. Both of these options are best used for placing small toys such as remote-controlled cars and trucks. Aside from that, these can also be used as reading nooks wherein you can place the books that you love most.


Drawers: If your child does not have much room to play with his toys, you can use drawers as toy storage space. The best drawers to use are those that are close-ended; those that can be opened up for easy access of the stored items. You can also make use of empty drawers by drilling holes and adding small shelves.


Baskets and bins: These can also be put to good use as toy storage. You can put toys in large baskets and bins; these can be arranged in levels and you can even put some toys in baskets that are wider. Place the bins that are high and have more space at the top and place the lower bins at the sides. You can choose bins and baskets that have wheels or can be easily rolled around on a shelf.

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